Our investment experts have calculated that the Vantik Fund's long-term, globally dispersed investment strategy can be achieved sustainably - without sacrificing returns, increasing risk or expense. Attractive returns and sustainability are therefore not a contradiction. A comparison between the MSCI Europe and the Socially Responsible Investing (MSCI Europe SRI) shows that sustainable investment can keep up in terms of performance and often even performs better than traditional funds (2018: -6.6% vs. -10%, 2017: + 12% vs. + 11%, 2017: + 0.7% vs. 3.2%).

In recent months, many providers have launched new sustainable ETFs and significantly reduced costs. Without changing the Vantik Fund's proven long-term investment strategy with 60% equities, 25% bonds, 10% real estate and 5% commodities, the switch to sustainable investment has enabled us to reduce the cost of ETFs from 0.18% to 0.16%. 

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