How deposits work

We use a SEPA mandate to transfer money from your account to your Vantik account. This is nothing else than a direct debit authorization for the European Payments Area (SEPA = Single Euro Payments Area Mandate). Meaning you allow us to transfer your money from your account to your Vantik account. Of course, we only do that, if you agree to a transfer. You can also revoke the SEPA mandate at any time.

Monthly payments

The easiest way to save money is set up monthly payments. You simply give us permission to automatically transfer money from your paired bank account to your Vantik account every month. The payments are completely flexible. You can set the day of the transfer to whenever you like, or even skip a month or put the payments on hold indefinitely. Additionally you can also flexibly return to a monthly savings plan.

One-time payments

One-time payments are possible at any time. Transfer as much as you want (starting from €1) directly from your paired account to your Vantik account.

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