Account opening

You only need a few minutes of time, an internet connection and an ID card or passport to open up your Vantik account for free.

In addition to your login details, you will provide us with some additional info about yourself. For example, where you live and how old you are. We need this data for security reasons - we will never give it to third parties unsolicited.

Connect your bank account
You'll decide from which bank you want to make your contributions. You can change this bank account at any time. Simply linking your bank account does not transfer money to us - you always have full control over what happens to your money and when it's transferred to your Vantik account.

Video Identification
Before you can actually start saving, we need to confirm your identity. This works pretty easy: You'll have a short video call via your computer or smartphone with a trained and friendly colleague from IDnow who will then check your identity. The German and English speaking staff are available from 07:00 to 23:00. All you need is an internet connection and a document of identification.
You can also use the PostIdent variant and verify your identity at your nearest post office.

Start saving
Once your identity is confirmed, you can start saving. Now you can decide if you either make a one-time payment to your Vantik account or if you set monthly contributions. But no worries, if you set your savings too quickly too generously, you can simply stop or pause your deposits or withdraw your money. And of course, for free.

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