There are investment plans that promise higher interests. But: This also means that you take a much greater risk at losing money.  
Generally you can always assume that the greater the risk, the higher the reward.

Most forms of investment aim maximizing profit. They accept taking a loss to get the greatest reward possible. This is a good strategy, if you don't depend on the money your investing.

At Vantik we do private pensions, though. First and foremost we care about a planable income and a high level of security. As a result we invest our money in a way that we can reach our target return at minimal risk. We want to set up our private pension so that you at least compensate the price increase. That's why we aim for a target return of 3% (after all costs). It may not sound like much but is actually not bad at all.
If you start investing 1,000€ today with an interest of 3%, then you'll have 1,345€ after 10 years and in 30 you'll even have as much as 2,225€. That's significantly more than if you would've put that money on a call money or savings account. 

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