That's not a problem! You can change your monthly savings rate whenever you want to at Vantik. All changes will be effective in the respective month. In your Vantik account you can: 

  • Change your monthly savings rate
  • Pause your monthly payments
  • Boost your Vantik retirement income with a one-time payment
  • Disburse part or all of your Vantik savings

With Vantik you're investing into your private pension longterm. You always have access to your money if you need it. For example when you're in low waters or your plans change unexpectedly. Disbursing your savings should be the exception though, since on the one hand the value of your money can fluctuate from time to time and on the other you'll lose the benefit of the peer-to-peer security buffer if you disburse all your money before retiring.  

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